Call for papers: 2017 Australian Centre for Italian Studies conference

Scontri e incontri: the dynamics of Italian transcultural exchanges

Monash Prato Centre (Italy), 4-7 July 2017

Call for Papers for the Panel: Crossing Points and Subversion.

As part of the interdisciplinary 2017 ACIS Conference Scontri e incontri (Prato, Italy 4- 7 July 2017), we call for papers that explore examples of "clashes and encounters" in the area of literary, visual and performing arts, and in connection with the theme of inhabiting, crossing, transgressing, and trespassing physical or symbolic thresholds, boundaries and borders.

Physical, geopolitical, cultural, religious, ethnic, symbolic, and socially-constructed divides have the power to reconfigure society, and polarise people into groups whose sense of identity is too often predicated upon what they do not share with other groups. Yet we can equally decide to celebrate our diversity and approach the "stranger" with a sense of interest and positive curiosity that will help us unveil shared traits rather than emphasise unsurmountable rifts.

In this panel we wish to explore examples of these kinds of divides as well as strategies that can overturn our experience of difference from an unwelcome difficulty into an unexpected potential. We seek papers on literary texts, visual texts, and/or performances that discuss, explore and subvert borders, boundaries, and the space within lines of separation.

Please send abstracts (250 words) and a bio-note (100 words) to both panel organisers by 30 September 2016:

Dr Gregoria Manzin (La Trobe University)

Dr Mark Nicholls (The University of Melbourne)