Congratulations to Deirdre Coleman, who is part of a team recently awarded a Linkage Grant on ‘Reconstructing museum specimen data through the pathways of global commerce’”, as detailed below:

Dr Jude Philp; Professor Simon Ville; Associate Professor Anne Clarke; Dr Robin Torrence; Professor Deirdre Coleman; Dr Elizabeth Carter; Ms Vanessa Finney.
“Reconstructing museum specimen data through the pathways of global commerce. This project aims to reconnect zoological specimens with vital collection data. From 1758-1900 millions of specimens were commercially traded to and between museums and collectors, frequently without retaining the data associated with the specimen. This project pioneers spectroscopic techniques to reconstruct data and enhance material conservation practice. The impact of the project will provide new pathways for recovering lost ecological data, creating a resource to improve future biodiversity research.”

And congratulations to Ann Tonks, who was awarded an AM in the Australia Day awards, ‘for significant service to the performing arts through senior management and advisory roles, to education, and as an author’. In addition to her previous long tenure at the MTC, the reference to ‘education’ in the preceding sentence relates to her ongoing role as an honorary and sessional lecturer in the Arts and Cultural Management Program in the School.

Professor Peter Otto, FAHA
Acting Head, School of Culture and Communication