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The Faces of Mercy

A performance of music, art and poetry spanning from Sydney to Rome is a contribution to the Year of Mercy from a group of Australian Catholic artists.

The Faces of Mercy gift from Australian Catholic artists

Inspired by Pope Francis' Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, the group of artists has collaborated to create a performance piece entitled The Faces of Mercy to be performed on 23 October in Sydney and on 17 November in Rome.

The Faces of Mercy combines music by composer George Palmer, a collection of poetry by Kevin Brophy, a triptych of artwork by Niké Arrighi Borghese, and additional text based on the writings of Pope Francis and the psalms by Professor Clare Johnson in collaboration with the production's director/producer Michael Campbell...

Through his poetry Kevin Brophy says he has tried to "evoke a journey through chaos towards hope and finally to those acts of forgiveness that are so mysterious and profound in us."

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