Feasting on Hannibal Conference call for papers deadline extended until 30 June 2016

Date: 29-30 November 2016. Hosted by Screen and Cultural Studies and the School Of Culture and Communication, Faculty of Arts, The University Of Melbourne. We invite you to submit abstract proposals for an interdisciplinary conference...

We invite you to submit abstract proposals for an interdisciplinary conference feast that turns the tables on Hannibal Lecter, offering Hannibal up for a meal of multiple courses and scholarly cuisines.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Hannibal's influence on screen culture
  • Hannibal as embodiment of contemporary monstrosity
  • Hannibal and the sensorium
  • Hannibal as mythology
  • Aesthetics and affect in Hannibal
  • Hannibal as a franchise property
  • Hannibal, seriality and transmedia storytelling
  • Self-reflexivity and intertextuality in Hannibal
  • Hannibal and adaptation
  • Hannibal and genre
  • High-concept television
  • High art and elite tastes
  • The aesthetics of violence
  • Hannibal and fandom
  • The culture of food in Hannibal
  • Hannibal, cannibalism, food, and body horror
  • Representations of animality and the post human in Hannibal
  • Criminal monstrosity and moral panic
  • Depictions of psychology and emotions
  • The development of gender and sexuality in the Hannibal mythology
  • The music of Hannibal and Hannibal's music

Submit abstracts up to 300 words, and a 100-word bio, before 30th of June to hannifeast@gmail.com.

Organised by: 

Keynote speakers include:

  • Associate Professor Jane Stadler, The University of Queensland
  • Professor Angela Ndalianis, The University of Melbourne