Recent Publicity

The Demon Dance: A Modern Reimagining has received quite a bit of publicity recently.

An article titled The Demon Dance: A Modern Reimagining has been published in Pursuit.

There was also an article in Dance Informa:

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne will present special dance performances as part of Leap Into The Modern this weekend. Leap Into The Modern is a one-day symposium exploring modern dance in Australia from the 1930s, as curated by Professor Rachel Fensham and Dr. Jordan Beth Vincent.

The public is invited to experience historic modern dance and to witness how it transformed movement and gesture in the 20th Century. Expressionist dancer and choreographer Gertrud Bodenwieser’s 1924 work The Demon Machine will be performed by VCA dancers. The modern dance work toured Australia for nearly two decades beginning in 1939. This recreation by Carol Brown follows reconstructions by Shona Dunlop-MacTavish in 1980, Evelyn Ippen in 1985 and Bettina Vernon in 1988. A New Zealand choreographer, Brown was actually introduced to Gertrud Bodenwieser’s methodology through MacTavish, herself a student of Bodenwieser in Vienna during the 1930s.