Seminar: Kate Ryan - 'Psychotherapy for Normal People'

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 13:00 - 14:00

I will discuss my essay 'Psychotherapy for Normal People', which won the Writers' Prize in the 2015 Melbourne Writer's Prize for Literature and which interweaves psychotherapy, ruminations on the growth of the self and aspects of the creative process. Exploring the development of personal narrative, I examine influential texts, including the 'Black Rose' project by photographer Trent Parke, novelist William Styron's account of his descent into depression in 'Darkness Visible', the HBO series 'In Treatment' and even the cartoon Top Cat. Aside from discussing how these various texts have elucidated and enriched my essay, I will discuss how psychotherapy encouraged me to make key intuitive links across the essay. My talk will also consider the complicated relationship between therapist and patient and its role in fostering creativity and the growth of the writer, as depicted in my essay.


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4th floor Linkway, John Medley (Building 191)