Melbourne Masterclass: Turning Points in Cinema to Die For


Melbourne Masterclass: Turning Points in Cinema to Die For

The Faculty of Arts regrets to announce that this program has been cancelled. Please be in touch should you have any questions at all about this change:

Session Three: La Grande Vadrouille, Gérard Oury, 1966, presented by Professor Véronique Duché and Dr Andrew McGregor

The Turning Points in Cinema to Die For series illustrates the profound and enduring impact of cinema on the lives of six Melbourne scholars, critics and artists. Each of our speakers has chosen a beloved film that represents a turning point in their professional and personal experience, and inspired a new understanding of the world and their place in it.

For four decades following its release in 1966, La Grande Vadrouille was the most commercially successful French film in France. This masterclass will explore the reasons behind the film’s success and why, despite the international renown of the French New Wave and the gravitas of French auteur cinema, all of the top-10 most commercially successful French films ever released in France are comedies.

AR Chisholm Professor of French Véronique Duché has extensive experience in teaching French literature and linguistics. She has published many articles on French Renaissance literature and edited several 16th century novels. Dr Andrew McGregor lectures in French Studies at the University of Melbourne. He is the founding co-editor of the Film Cultures series for Peter Lang Publishing, Switzerland.

Turning Points in Cinema to Die For is hosted by Dr Mark Nicholls, Senior Lecturer in Cinema Studies at The University of Melbourne.

All films featured in the series have a history of significant audience and critical appeal. Above all, the films have distinguished themselves for their ability to reach out to and influence creative and performing artists and audiences well beyond the realms of the movie business. Studied together, they make up a new and refreshingly eclectic set of films to add to your essential viewing list. Join us in the discussion with our experts as they reveal why these are not only films to see before you die, but films to die for.

Individual session: $55* / $65
Series Pass: $300* / $350
*University of Melbourne alumni, staff, and students


  • Dr Andrew McGregor
    Dr Andrew McGregor, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Véronique  Duché
    Professor Véronique Duché , AR Chisholm Professor of French