VCE Literature Teachers Professional Development Course


VCE Literature Teachers Professional Development Course

This study day is designed for VCE literature teachers to deepen their understanding of a selection of set texts, focusing in particular on the study of ‘Literary Perspectives’.

Since the aim of 'Literary Perspectives' is to explore how different schools of literary criticism can assist students to develop and structure their own interpretations, we will explore various critical perspectives appropriate to each of the prescribed genres: the novel, the play, the short story and the poem.

A different text will be presented each week by experts. The format will be a lecture in which the lecturer develops at least two 'literary perspectives’ on the text. After a short catered break, we will immediately resume with a Q&A seminar.

Prior to the course there will be an online forum (Learning Management System) enabling registered participants to access scholarly articles exemplifying various schools of literary criticism. These articles, plus the lecture, will form the basis for the seminar discussion.

Professional Certificates of participation will be offered upon completion of the course and it is VIT applicable.


  • Dr David McInnis
    Dr David McInnis , Gerry Higgins Senior Lecturer, English and Theatre Studies
  • Dr Tom Ford
    Dr Tom Ford, English and Theatre Studies
  • Dr James Jiang
    Dr James Jiang, English and Theatre Studies
  • Associate Professor Paul  Rae
    Associate Professor Paul Rae, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe
    Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe, English and Theatre Studies
  • Professor Deirdre Coleman
    Professor Deirdre Coleman, Robert Wallace Chair of English
  •  Margot Thompson
    Margot Thompson,
  • Professor Ken Gelder
    Professor Ken Gelder, English and Theatre Studies