School of Culture and Communication Incubator Research Scheme - Seed Funding Grants call for applications

The School of Culture and Communication offers seed funding to support the work of interdisciplinary incubator research teams.

The amount available is up to $2000 and a number of grants will be awarded. Funds are available to support the research activities of incubators and might be used to run a symposium, invite distinguished scholars to the school, for travel to access research archives, undertake research studies, interviews and data collection, and so on. Proposed activities should be ones that demonstrate and advance the work of the incubator. We seek proposals that will develop new partnerships and include completely new ideas that might take some time to grow. Activities that can be shown to establish the track record of the team and led to further projects and/or competitive funding will be highly regarded.

To be eligible for seed funding incubator research teams should show:

  • An outline of a new research project that entails team based and interdisciplinary approaches to research
  • Membership of the team should reflect interdisciplinary expertise and include researchers from various programs in the school
  • Projects should help foster the work of early career researchers and can include sessional staff and post docs
  • A mix of experience among researchers in the team will be highly valued

Applications Open: 7 May 2015
Applications Due: 29 May 2015

Instructions for applications

To apply for seed funding please use the following headings and address the points below:

  1. Name of project
  2. Incubator coordinator(s) and names of team members
  3. Evidence of ECR and interdisciplinary team participation
  4. Brief outline of the incubator project and outline of component of the project you seek funding for (one page)
    • What is your project?
    • When/where will your project take place and when will it conclude?
    • What are proposed outcomes and/or future plans?
  5. Budget
  6. Budget justification
  7. Who will receive the money?

Please note: Applications must be submitted to the Research Support Officer email Gabrielle Grigg with a heading "SCC Research Incubator Research Scheme Application" in the subject line by 29 May 2015. Applications must include a 1-page CV from each member of the team.

Decisions will be made by a three-person subcommittee of Chair of Research, Head of School or nominee, and a member of staff who is an ECR. The scheme will seek feedback in the form of a brief report from recipients and be evaluated after two years. Results will be announced by 5 June 2015.