Photonics Dynamical Systems (with a bit of social science?)


Photonics Dynamical Systems (with a bit of social science?)

Hercus Theatre
Physics South Building


My research covers a fairly broad range in lasers and photonics. For the purposes of engaging you, the audience, in reflecting on the questions below, I will present one topic - research on Photonics Dynamical Systems. This will cover advances in understanding these complex, nonlinear, experimental systems made possible by a “bigger” data approach to what is widely, and sometimes disparagingly, described as tabletop physics. The diversity of dynamical outputs from a single system can surprise.

The parallel societal discussion follows from how each audience member will judge this research – which you are encouraged to do. Will you judge it as Old Science or New Science; Significant Science or Insignificant Science; Good Science or Bad Science?

Are individual judgements on these choices governed by what the individual does and knows? How we, as individuals, respond to a departmental colloquium that is either in our field or outside it may be a good way to interrogate our own biases, if we have them. Whether you are in or out of the field of optics and photonics come along to hear about it as an opportunity to engage in the bigger question of how we as a research community might improve on how we make and communicate our judgements of the science of others, in the service of science. From a societal perspective there are clear benefits to be had if we function well as a diverse research community.


  • Professor Deborah Kane
    Professor Deborah Kane, Macquarie University