PhD Confirmation Seminar by Valeria Vazquez Guevara


PhD Confirmation Seminar by Valeria Vazquez Guevara

Level 6, Room 608
Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street


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T: 9035 3017

Under the supervision of Professor Sundhya Pahuja and Associate Professor Shaun McVeigh, Valeria will present her thesis titled, 'Living Together with Law after Violent Conflict: Truth Commissions, Peacebuilding and Technologies of International Jurisdiction'.


The thesis aims to understand the relationship between truth commissions and law, and how this relationship informs the problem of ‘living together with law after violent conflict’. Truth commissions are generally understood as ‘non-judicial’ or ‘quasi-legal’ devices. Against this, the thesis follows the intuition that truth commissions have a distinct legal form, which shapes what ‘living together’ might entail. The guiding research questions are two-fold: 1) what are the legal forms of the truth commissions; and 2) how do those legal forms, and practices shape the ways of ‘living together’. Part 1 gives an account of the legal forms deployed and developed in truth commissions by drawing on jurisprudence related to historical, prudential and aesthetic consideration of form. Part 2 examines how the practices of truth commissions shape forms of living together with law after violent conflict. The analysis focuses on four truth commissions: Uganda (1974), Argentina (1983), Chile (1990), and El Salvador (1992). Paying close attention to these truth commissions, the thesis contributes a new way of understanding the legal form and legal practices of truth commissions, and their relationship to shaping how societies live together after violent conflict.


  • Ms Valeria Vazquez Guevara
    Ms Valeria Vazquez Guevara, PhD Candidate