Please register for the Australian Media Traditions 2019 conference at our Eventbrite page below. For easy reference, see the table below for various costs. (The prices listed include all associated fees and GST, in case you were wondering about those pesky decimals!)

Registration type$
Two-day full 232.09
Two-day concession* 168.56
Earlybird two-day 198.00
Earlybird two-day concession* 151.24
One-day full 116.59
One-day concession* 87.71
Conference dinner (28th) 70.39

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Note that places at dinner are limited to 60, and are not included in a standard or concession registration, so early booking is recommended if you wish to attend.

* Concessions include: postdocs within 2 years of award; sessional lecturers and tutors; graduate students; independent scholars; unwaged delegates. Eventbrite standalone link.