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The Faculty of Arts is delighted to be taking part in the Being Human Festival in 2019.  Timed with the UK Festival from 14 – 23 November, our international hub will highlight the essential role that humanities research plays in shaping the world in which we live. Exploring the theme of ‘Discoveries and Secrets’, the Festival is about making academic research in the humanities accessible and relevant to non-specialists and audiences beyond academia and informed individuals. Particularly it is about illustrating how and why research in the humanities is relevant to people’s everyday lives and interests.

Calls for participation are currently open and will close at 11.55pm on Monday, 9 September.  Along with the selection and eligibility criteria outlined below, proposals should include a suggested activity or event title, a brief description, the underlying research and research impact, intended audience and venue, any partners and delivery details. Further information is provided below:

  • Calls for participation

    Opportunities to run an event are for researchers at any career stage, background, disciplinary expertise or experience of delivering public engagement events. The Being Human Festival definition of ‘humanities research’ can be found here.

    There are three pathways of involvement with the Faculty of Arts Melbourne hub, and separate applications can be found in the Application Process section below:

    • Level One: ‘open call pathway’ to organize an activity that does not require funding or Faculty resource and will be promoted as part of the program;
    • Level Two: ‘small award pathway’ to apply for a small amount of funding to support an activity (up to $3000) including some Faculty administration and resource; and
    • Level Three: ‘hub award pathway’ to apply for a larger grant of up to $6,000 including greater Faculty support and resource, and potentially a feature event.

    All pathways will receive event and comms and marketing advice from the Faculty of Arts team, and the Faculty has resource to administratively support up to three events, including a feature event.

    Proposals will be assessed for funding and support on the basis of making humanities research engaging, accessible and fun, and should consider the question, as posed by a public engagement audience: ‘why is research in the humanities relevant to my day-to-day life and interests’?

  • Eligibility

    Eligibility criteria vary across the pathways, however, all activities featured in the Festival program must:

    • demonstrate aspects of humanities research in ways that are entertaining, accessible and relevant for non-specialist audiences;
    • have direct involvement from a humanities researcher in delivering the event;
    • consider the Being Human ethos, that is, devise activities which are mutually beneficial both for researchers and for the public and establish a ‘two-way street’ model of engagement;
    • adhere to the Melbourne hub timelines and reporting requirements;
    • adhere to the Faculty of Arts public engagement event and comms and marketing guidelines; and,
    • be held during the Festival dates, 14 – 23 November 2019.
  • Melbourne hub timeline

    The timeline is as follows:

    • 13 August: calls for participation open.
    • 9 September: calls close.
    • 20 September: outcomes announced to applicants.
    • 7 October: deadline for event logistics, including comms and marketing and web copy.
    • 14 October: Being Human Festival Faculty of Arts Melbourne hub program launched.
    • 14 – 23 November: Being Human Festival.
  • Evaluation and reporting

    Feedback is a key element to participation in the Melbourne hub as the Being Human Festival requires measurement of research impact.

    Feedback will be sought in various ways, a humanities-related poll at each event, a research impact question relating to the subject matter of the event and a survey to all who registered to attend.  Applicants will be asked to compose the research impact question as part of event logistics, and it should consider how successfully the research was communicated in a new and non-traditional way to a public audience.

    There are various resources and case studies available via the Being Human website:

Application process

There are separate applications for each of the three pathways:

Open call pathway

Small award pathway

Hub award pathway