Hub Award Pathway

The Faculty of Arts and the Melbourne Humanities Foundation Board are supporting the 2019 Being Human Melbourne Hub to provide funding to support activities under the hub award pathway.

This pathway is designed to support creative and exciting Festival activities that wouldn’t run without financial support from the Faculty. Awards can be used to fund a single activity or event that offer a very close fit with the Festival ethos and theme. Activities are typically built around a strong ‘hook’, and are ambitious and creative whilst still well thought-through and achievable.

Under this pathway, events will demonstrate best practice and imaginative public engagement activity.  The Faculty may select a feature event from this pathway to raise the profile of the hub both within the Faculty and within the Being Human Festival more broadly.

Funding is available to allow researchers and/or professional staff to bid for up to $6,000 under this pathway.  Grants are competitive and whilst $6,000 is the maximum that can be applied for, there is no need to bid for the whole amount.

In addition to funding, organisers under this pathway will have full Faculty administrative support and resources, including promotion, comms and marketing support and web copy and event registration assistance.  Budgets under this pathway will be managed by the Faculty and event support and delivery will also be included.

Applicants are encouraged to build their proposed activities around tried and tested formats with a creative twist for the hub.  Successful formats have included, and are not limited to:

  • Performances: activities featuring creative elements of performance that are relevant and help meaningfully illustrate topics (e.g., screenings with live accompaniment, performance lectures, comedy nights).
  • Feasts and festivities: activities involving food and drink (e.g., shared or themed meals, tastings, cafĂ© encounters).
  • Workshops/maker events: activities featuring a strong creative or hands-on aspect (e.g., craft activities, cookery workshops, hacks).
  • Pop-up activities/exhibits: activities that engage a larger, transitory audience (e.g., activities based in busy museums and galleries or in public spaces).
  • Participatory and project-based activities: re-enactments, archaeology digs, projects with a strong element of co-design from community partners.
  • Walks and tours: activities that connect research to physical environments through walking tours, bus tours, behind-the-scenes access to buildings and institutions.

Public talks and panel discussions are not normally programmed into the Being Human Festival unless they feature a very strong public engagement aspect (e.g., an innovative format or element of performance).

Selection criteria

Activities will be scrutinised for achievability, value for money, and core festival criteria. To be included in the Melbourne hub, projects put forward under this pathway must:

  • demonstrate aspects of humanities research in ways that are entertaining, accessible and relevant for non-specialist audiences;
  • have direct involvement from a humanities researcher in delivering the event;
  • consider the Being Human ethos, that is, devise activities which are mutually beneficial both for researchers and for the public and establish a ‘two-way street’ model of engagement;
  • provide an indicative budget;
  • adhere to the Melbourne hub timelines and reporting requirements;
  • adhere to the Faculty of Arts public engagement event and comms and marketing guidelines;
  • be held during the Festival dates, 14 – 23 November 2019; and
  • be free to attend.

In addition, the selection panel will assess hub award pathway applications’ capacity to:

  • respond to the interests and needs of a clearly defined audience;
  • be well thought through and achievable within the budget and timeframe;
  • be impactful and engage a number of people proportionate to the size of the award;
  • add value to the Melbourne hub and Festival program, either as a particularly eye-catching piece of programming OR as an activity that is a particularly close fit with the Festival’s objectives and priority areas; and,
  • respond in an engaging and creative way to the Festival theme.

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