Open Call Pathway

The open call pathway is about events and activities that are well thought-through, achievable, easy to organise and fun for all involved, and can run without a direct financial contribution from the Melbourne hub.  Activities in this category may already be scheduled during the Festival dates (14 – 23 November 2019) and ready to go, will make use of existing resources, and will fit within the Being Human ethos.

This pathway is open to anyone involved in or with a connection to humanities research. This includes researchers in universities, museums, archives, galleries, publishers, subject associates, societies, libraries and more.

Open call events will be promoted equally with all other hub events, and will receive some support from the Faculty.

Activities that run without direct funding or support from the Melbourne hub typically make use of tried and tested formats that produce activities that are fun, impactful and easy to deliver.

Some examples might include:

  • a special iteration of a recurring event, such as museum lates, off-campus workshops;
  • walks and tours;
  • museum or gallery tours and object handling sessions;
  • film screenings with introductions; and,
  • ‘research in the pub’ style events.

The Being Human Festival does not include academic lectures of any sort in the program, but the selection panel will consider public talks that are held off-campus in venues that are accessible and interesting to non-specialists, that address interesting and relevant topics pitched at the right audiences and at the right level, and which include opportunities for interaction.

Selection criteria

To be included in the Melbourne hub, projects put forward under this pathway must:

  • demonstrate aspects of humanities research in ways that are entertaining, accessible and relevant for non-specialist audiences;
  • have direct involvement from a humanities researcher in delivering the event;
  • consider the Being Human ethos, that is, devise activities which are mutually beneficial both for researchers and for the public and establish a ‘two-way street’ model of engagement;
  • adhere to the Melbourne hub timelines and reporting requirements;
  • adhere to the Faculty of Arts public engagement event and comms and marketing guidelines;
  • be held during the Festival dates; and
  • be free to attend

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