Community Conversations: Dolly Kikon and Dilpreet Kaur Taggar

Episode 5: Dr Dolly Kikon in conversation with Dilpreet Kaur Taggar

In the next episode of our Community Conversations series, senior lecturer in our Anthropology and Development Studies program Dr Dolly Kikon joins Master of Journalism graduate Dilpreet Kaur Taggar to discuss the cultures of South Asia, the impact of digital media and Dilpreet's newly-launched online publication South Asian Today.

South Asian Today is an autonomous, multimedia, online magazine for and by South Asian womxn and non-binary people. It aims to platform, empower and strengthen South Asian community through mixed media ways of storytelling.

Dolly Kikon
Dr Dolly Kikon

About Dolly Kikon

Dr Dolly Kikon is an anthropologist at the University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on resource extraction, political ecology, gender, food, and human rights.

Her books include Life and Dignity: Women's Testimonies of Sexual Violence in Dimapur (2016); Living with Oil and Coal: Resource Politics and Militarization Northeast India (2019); Leaving the Land: Indigenous Migration and Affection Labour in India (2019); Ceasefire City: Militarism, Capitalism, and Urbanism in Dimapur (2020 Forthcoming).

For a detailed list of her work visit her website.

Dilpreet Taggar
Dilpreet Kaur

About Dilpreet Kaur Taggar

Born and raised in India, Dilpreet Kaur is the founder of South Asian Today - a multimedia platform for South Asian women and Non Binary peoples.

She graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master in Journalism in 2019 and is constantly engaged in matters concerning and celebrating gender, race and culture.

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