Faculty of Arts Life in OZ podcast episodes

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From India, Mexico, to Vietnam and China, how do our peers on campus celebrate their important days and traditions?

From Holi, Diwali, Day of the Dead, Qingming, to the Mid-Autumn, and the Spring Festival, different cultures and nations celebrate different traditions, and yet we are all so similar in ways that we value family time, food, symbols. In this episode, Faculty of Arts students Anisha, Alejandro, and Alain chat to Xia about the cultural traditions they celebrate, and share their go-to places for authentic Indian, Mexican and Vietnamese eats. More information...

Alain: My crazy Aussie Asian life!

Alain is currently studying his final semester at the Faculty of Arts. In this episode, he shares stories of what it’s like growing up as a 2nd generation Vietnamese Australian: family, expectations, struggles and aspirations. More information...

Life far away from home - Interview with Olabisi

It wasn’t easy for Olabisi to move to Melbourne to pursue her study. The long flights, expenses, not to mention being a single mum and leaving her 7 year old daughter behind in Sierra Leone. Yet she’s on her own mission, and is determined to overcome whatever barriers that come along. In the meantime, she also enjoys all the fruits that are now available to her :)

What’s it like to be a student of the world?

Aren’t you always amazed at how diverse the university campus has now become, and the fact that you can no longer tell where a person is from, judging from their appearances?! In this episode, Yixia shared her story travelling to study from China, to Netherlands, Belgium, US, and now to Australia. More information...