Thursday 21 March 2019

Awaken Exhibition Tour

Thursday 21 March 12.00-1.00pm

Awaken showcases Australian Aboriginal cultural heritage objects from one of the most important anthropological collections in the world. The Awaken exhibition includes almost 200 items from the extensive Donald Thomson Collection, gathered from the diverse communities of Arnhem Land, Cape York and the Western and Central Deserts during the Melbourne University anthropologist’s 50-year career.

Location: Gallery Space Ground Floor, Arts West (Building 148)

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Awaken' exhibition installation view

Wurundjeri History workshop

Thursday 21 March 2.00-4.00pm

Join in this two-hour event led by Wurundjeri elder Uncle Bill Nicholson, Cultural Education Manager at the Wurundjeri Council. Wurundjeri Council views education and cultural awareness as fundamental to building respectful relationships and mutual understanding. Come along to learn more about the traditional owners of this land, whose ancestors have lived here for millennia.

Location: Theatre 2 109, Alan Gilbert (Building 104)

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Diversity Week reading group

Thursday 21 March

Come along for a discussion about how diversity manifests in Australia today, and how it sits with - and sometimes challenges - existing norms and boundaries of culture.

Please note:
the 'Diversity Week Reading Group' is for autonomous to People of Colour attendees only.

Location: Training Room 2, Level 3, Union House

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Diversity Week reading group