Feature performance

I am Ashe - Live performance of Afro-Cuban culture

Monday 18 March 1.00-2.00pm

Ashé is a key principal of Cuba's African heritage, encompassing a philosophy of human symbiosis with nature. Initially brought to the island by two million victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Ashé consolidated over three centuries into a concept of spiritual "flow" and "energy." Introduced into Australia in the early 2000s by Afro-Cuban ceremonial leaders, this philosophy of human-natural balance aligns with ancient Indigenous beliefs and with emerging public commitments to environmental responsibility. The performance of I Am Ashé explores these deepening connections and is based on a short film by the same name.

I Am Ashé Live is a collaboration between the Suns of Mercury ensemble, music specialist Daniel Jauregui, videographer Luis Gaitán, anthropologist Adrian Hearn, director Jaime Wilson, and dancers Adrian Medina and Heidy Batista.

This performance will take place as part of the University of Melbourne Diversity Week and will be followed by a question and answer session with the performers.

Location: Interactive Cinema Space, Room 353, Arts West - North Wing (Building 148)

Please note: places are limited. Please ensure that you have registered for the event.

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