TLLP 2018 presentations

Tandem Language Learning Project (TLLP) 2018 Presentations

TLLP is a bilingual research exchange conducted by the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne and the Graduate School of International Media, Communication and Tourism Studies at Hokkaido University.

The program pairs Melbourne and Hokkaido students, who then engage in research information exchange, supporting each other's acquisition of relevant target academic language skills. During the exchange, students prepare a research abstract, presentation slides and script in their target language. Melbourne students receive feedback from Hokkaido students on their Japanese work, and return give feedback to Hokkaido students on their English.

At the end of the program, all students prepare a paper in their target language with the help of their program partner.



Monday 17 September 2018
Sidney Myer Asia Centre (Building 158) Room 321


8.45-8.50 Opening Remarks
8.50-9.25Presentation 1: Riichi Endo (HU)
'The Role for Tourism in the Cultural Reconstruction in Occupied Japan'
9.25-10.00Presentation 2: Akina Mikami (MU)
'Transnational Civil Society and Social Resilience'
10.00-10.10 Break
10.10-10.45Presentation 3: Patrick Murphy (MU)
'Genre and Gay Manga: A Comparative Study of 'Gay' and BL Manga'
10.45-11.20 Presentation 4: Takuya Saito (HU)
'Identity Formation in the 1990’s Japanese Gay Liberation'
11.20-11.55 Presentation 5: Stefan Fuchs (MU)
'Mobility and Consumption: the interrelation of public transport networks and shopping malls in urban Japan'
12.00-12.50Lunch Time Lecture 1 by Professor Usami
13.00-13.50Lunch Time Lecture 2 by Dr Kim Sungmin (HU)
14.00-14.20Presentation 6: Somsiaw Natthay (HU)
'The relationship between content strategy on SNS and purchasing intention: Focus on official Facebook page of Japanese retailing company in Thailand'
14.20-14.40Presentation 7: Natsumi Sugiyama (HU)
'Popular participation in Japan's public diplomacy?'
14.40-15.00Presentation 8: Daniel John Kowalski (MU)
'Nationalism in Japan: Why is nationalism in Japan 'resurging' in the 21st century?'