Latin Schools Night

Every year the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne, in association with the Classical Association of Victoria, presents a series of lectures on the main themes of the VCE Latin exam for that year, which are designed to assist students in their final revisions.

The lectures look at the broad themes of the book of the Aeneid set for that year, Latin rhetorical and metrical effects, and techniques on how to answer the paper and avoid common pitfalls. This year the lockdown has forced us to go online, but we are very fortunate to have lectures provided on these topics by experts from the University of Melbourne and LaTrobe University on these topics.

We hope that you enjoy these lectures and they assist you greatly in your final preparations in what has been such a difficult year.


The lecture series begins with welcoming remarks from the President of the Classical Association of Victoria, Professsor Tim Parkin from the University of Melbourne, and the convenor of the Latin teachers in Victoria, Dr John Tuckfield.

General Themes

Leah O’Hearn, speaking on general themes

Rhetorical techniques

Giovanni Piccolo, speaking on rhetorical techniques

Techniques for the exam

Peter Mountford, discussing techniques for the exam

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