The Faculty of Arts brings together scholars working in the field of Italian studies to present this series of evening lectures exploring the notion of ‘what is Italian’, through an historical journey of the five senses: scent, sight, sound, taste, and touch.

Held over five consecutive weeks this program brought to life aspects of Italian culture, history, art, film, literature, music, and food of significant moments throughout Italian history.

Participants learnt about the history of perfumes and engaged in an interactive session sampling and receiving perfumes from Aquaflor, a Florentine perfume house presented by international olfactory specialist Dr Antonio Artese from Italy. We uncovered the hidden identity of one of our beloved Iocal Italian paintings with Carl Villis, conservator from the National Gallery of Victoria, and heard featured presentations on print cultures of the Italian Renaissance; 17th Century female painter Artemisia Gentileschi; Italian film 'Voyage to Italy' by director Roberto Rossellini; the intersections of modernist art and food, and Italian music throughout key periods.

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