About 10 Great Books


The Faculty of Arts Proudly presents the book club to end all book clubs, 10 Great Books, a Melbourne Masterclass. Each month, from February to November, hear leading academics and experts give their take on a text that has shaped the way we see the world. After enjoying a glass of wine, you can then join the lively discussion and share your views.

We ask the big questions about how our selected books captured the zeitgeist and shifted the culture. The ten diverse texts will become our window into politics, art, love, death, and everything in between. Now in its seventh year, 10 Great Books has traversed the broad history of the written word, exploring great novels, non-fiction, plays, poetry, pamphlets and more. Participants also have the opportunity to encounter the materiality of the texts themselves through rare book editions from the University’s Baillieu Library, displayed during each Masterclass.

This series is for anyone whose bookshelves are groaning with classics they’ve yearned to tackle – for lovers of literature itching to dive back into old favourites and be surprised by new discoveries. No prior study of literature is required, just a passion for reading.

Associate Professor Tim Lynch
Associate Professor Tim Lynch

Series host

Associate Professor Tim Lynch, convener of 10 Great Books, will introduce you to our speakers each month and help guide discussion and argument.

"If the purpose of a university education is to study the best that has been thought and said, then 10 Great Books will take that education into the public sphere. Our speakers marry both great expertise in and passion for their chosen text. The results are compelling." - Associate Professor Tim Lynch

Feedback from past seasons

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presenters... they all had the ability to make every evening fabulous. It was obvious they loved the text and it reverberated in the room. Every presentation left me totally uplifted and curious.” – 2019 participant

“We are very fortunate to be able to participate in these sessions by outstanding presenters who possess such a broad and deep understanding of the particular text and author. Long may the series continue - I hope.” – 2018 participant

“It's such a wonderful program to be involved in. There was something special and memorable about each presentation. All the presenters were knowledgeable and passionate about the Great Book they chose.” – 2017 participant

“I think you run a marvellous, informative and inspiring program. I have difficulty naming a highlight. I never came home feeling other than elated and delighted with the presenters all of whom were most admirably brilliant and knowledgeable.” – 2016 participant