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What was it actually like to live in the Roman empire? How can we learn about the realities of life for ordinary Romans? How much has changed in two millennia?

In this course we will discover what life was like for people living over 2000 years ago, not just in Rome but throughout the Roman empire. Focusing particularly on ancient evidence such as literary texts, inscriptions, papyri, art, architecture and other archaeological evidence, we will explore the intimate details of Roman domestic life, the fascinating diversity of Roman religious beliefs, the position of slaves in the Roman world, and what it actually meant to be ‘Roman’ in a vast, multicultural empire.

Through this course you will acquire a wide-ranging knowledge of many fascinating aspects of Roman society and culture, as well as critical skills in dealing with the primary sources that reveal them. You will also gain an appreciation of the debt the modern world owes to Rome and the continuing legacy of the Roman empire.

This course will be facilitated by Professor Tim Parkin, Elizabeth and James Tatoulis Chair in Classics, and Dr Roslynne Bell, Associate Research Fellow in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies.


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Roman wall painting of a banquet scene from the House of the Chaste Lovers, Pompeii.