VCE Winter School 2017

The University of Melbourne offers VCE students an unparalleled opportunity to prepare for History Revolutions, Australian History and Literature exams with scholars who are experts in their fields.

Here's what previous participants thought about our programs...

"I thought the experience was invaluable as I was able to learn in a university environment for the first time…"

"The manner the topics were spoken about was great and easily understood, it was inspiring to listen to and be there alongside other like-minded students…"

"I would say on the whole the winter school was a great thing to do in the holidays and was absolutely worth the money"

Each year The University of Melbourne offers VCE students an unparalleled opportunity to prepare for History Revolutions, Australian History, Literature, Italian and French exams with scholars who are experts in their fields. The VCE Winter School is open to Year 10, 11 and 12 students.

The Faculty of Arts also offers a professional development courses for VCE teachers

History: Revolutions

Success in the History Revolutions exam depends on a robust understanding of the causes and outcomes of revolutions. The Winter School program begins with an exploration of the nature of revolutions with internationally acclaimed historian and VCE expert Professor Peter McPhee, followed by experienced VCE examiner, Nick Frigo. Students can also choose from individual lectures on each of the four revolutions, delivered by leading academics and teachers in the field. Each lecture concentrates on causes and outcomes, giving an indispensable overview and referring to past and typical exam questions and tasks.

Cost: $30 per session

Australian History

The Australian History Winter School program consists of a team of experts. Participants are guided through the key themes of Australian history and receive specialist advice in what makes an excellent performance on the Australian History exam. Lectures covering Australian Units 3 & 4 are geared towards deepening participants’ understanding of particular periods and issues in Australian history.

Cost: $30 per session

NEW! Italian and French

In 2017 sessions in Italian and French were offered for the first time, presented by leading academics from The University of Melbourne and teachers in the field. The program includes a combined session for Italian and French students exploring key themes and hearing from past examiners and VCE students. Students can choose from individual sessions covering a variety of lectures and smaller break out classes that focus on strategies and practices of writing, oral, listening and reading skills.

Cost: $30 per session, $90 for the day


Success in the Literature exam depends on strong skills in close reading and textual interpretation. Concentrating on nine of the most popular VCE Literature texts, participants are able to select from a program consisting of lectures and tutorials delivered by leading academics and tutors. The lectures, specially designed for VCE students, will refer to specific passages and typical exam questions led by leading academics such as Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Professor Deirdre Coleman. The small group tutorials work intensively on practice passages and typical exam questions, building skills essential to the subject. A session dedicated to successful examination strategies and techniques is delivered by Margot Thompson, an experienced VCE English teacher and examiner.

Cost: $30 per lecture, $35 per tutorial

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