Application process and timeline

The Faculty of Arts has a variety of WIL programs for course credit at both undergraduate and graduate level, offering flexibility to your needs. Depending on the work you have available, our team will align your position description with a specific course. As a host organisation for the purpose of providing a WIL opportunity for course credit, your offering will fall into one of two categories: an internship or an industry project.


An internship is the most common form of WIL, and will involve a student joining you at your organisation.

If you are offering an internship, you will be asked to complete the Host Placement Form, accompanied by a Position Description. Once we have aligned your position description to a Faculty of Arts WIL program, we can promote the opportunity to relevant students. Students can apply directly to you, or we can assist with the pre-screening of the applications.

Offer an Internship: Expression of Interest

Industry project

A popular alternative to a traditional internship, an industry project is a WIL opportunity which sees students work on a project for your organisation from campus. More Information...

If you would like to offer an industry project for a small team of students to work from campus, please complete the below form.

Offer an Industry Project: Expression of Interest