Research innovation

Partnering with the Faculty of Arts gives your organisation access to our world class researchers and academics, who will work with you to meet your organisation’s needs and to solve your key business questions.

Conservation at Grimwade Centre for Materials Conservation

Collaborative research

We can connect you with researchers and academics who are experts in areas of interest to your organisation We will work with you to identify opportunities to commercialise and access funding for research projects.

Our academics and researchers are committed to working collaboratively with you to identify and understand your needs, solve critical issues and challenges and enable your organisation to implement innovative approaches and practices.

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) / Graduate Research placements

Faculty of Arts Doctor of Philosophy – Arts (known as PhD or Doctorate) and Graduate Research (GR) students can provide you with in-depth critical analysis of issues that they are wishing to uncover. Through our research industry placements our students can work with your organisation to further develop critical evidence and an understanding of key issues. Throughout their placement PhD and GR students receive close guidance and support from their academic supervisor and the Faculty.

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Contract research and consultancy

We can help you identify suitable academics for consultancy work and for inputs to seminars, conferences and events.