Introducing the Scientific Controversy: Does the Earth Move?


Introducing the Scientific Controversy: Does the Earth Move?

The Galileo Affair short course – Session 1

We begin the course with an introduction to the scientific controversy at the heart of the Galileo Affair. What were the arguments and evidence in favour of the traditional view that the sun revolved around the earth, and how did Galileo make his case for the controversial view that the earth that revolved around the sun?

About the course
The ‘Galileo Affair’, as it has come to be known, remains one of the most fascinating episodes in the history of science. It is often taken as an illustration of the repressive attitude of the Catholic Church to the rise of modern science in the 17th century, and an example of the fundamental conflict between science and religion. Yet, it has been subject to distortion and myth, and continues to spark intense disagreement among historians, scientists and philosophers.

In this short course, we focus on these questions, in an attempt to shed light on this fascinating episode. Each session takes a different historical perspective, as we delve beyond the myth, in search of a deeper understanding of one of the defining episodes of Western history.

Individual session: $65/$55* Series pass (four sessions): $250/$200*

*University of Melbourne alumni, staff and students


  •  Kristian Camilleri