VCE Winter School – Literature


VCE Winter School – Literature

Success in the Literature exam depends on strong skills in close reading and textual interpretation. Concentrating on eight of the most popular VCE Literature texts, this program consists of lectures delivered by leading academics.

The two-hour-long lectures, specially designed for VCE students, are led by experienced literary scholars such as Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Professor Deirdre Coleman. The lectures will refer to specific passages and typical exam questions, and be followed by interactive Q&A sessions designed to build skills essential to the subject.

Margot Thompson, an experienced VCE Literature teacher, will also deliver lectures on successful examination strategies and techniques.

Cost: $40 per lecture.


  • Professor Deirdre Coleman
    Professor Deirdre Coleman, Robert Wallace Chair of English
  • Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe
    Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe, English and Theatre Studies