VCE Winter School – History: Revolutions


VCE Winter School – History: Revolutions

Success in the History: Revolutions exam depends on a robust understanding of the causes and outcomes of revolutions. The Winter School program begins with a brief introduction on the nature of revolutions with internationally acclaimed historian and VCE expert Professor Peter McPhee, followed by experienced VCE examiner, Elizabeth Morgan. Students can also choose from individual two-hour lectures on each of the four revolutions, delivered by leading academics and teachers in the field. Each lecture concentrates on causes and outcomes, giving an indispensable overview and referring to past and typical exam questions and tasks.

Cost: $40 per session / $20 for half of session (students may nominate either Lenin or Robespierre; for both is $40).


  • Professor Peter McPhee
    Professor Peter McPhee, Personal Chair in History at the University of Melbourne