What has urban planning to do with bushfire?


What has urban planning to do with bushfire?

Research Lounge, Level 5, North Wing
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Wide Brown Land: Australian Studies Seminar Series 2019

The frequency and severity of bushfires in Australia is increasing. Yet we are not utilizing all the possible ways that bushfires could be prevented, adopting a very narrow approach that is reliant on environmental modification. Janet’s presentation argues that given that 85% to 90% of bushfires are ignited by human activities, many more approaches should be used, such as, reducing greenhouse gas emission, improvements in urban planning, aligning population growth with infrastructure spending, and addressing growing inequality.

Presented by the Australian Centre

This interdisciplinary series considers the impact of climate change on aspects of Australian life and society and presents research on issues and practices that are important to contemporary Australia, and to Australia’s relations to the region and the world.

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  • Associate Professor Janet Stanley
    Associate Professor Janet Stanley, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute