Craft Entrepreneurialism and Sustainable Scale

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Craft Entrepreneurialism and Sustainable Scale

Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room
Sidney Myer Asia Centre


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Resistance to and Disavowal of the Creative Industries as Champions of Capitalist Growth

Craft and design-led creative practices are enjoying a zeitgeist moment of popularity, driven by consumer demand for unique, innovative and handmade objects. However, despite the capacity to scale up, craftspeople and designer makers continue to challenge conventional capitalist ideas of what entrepreneurial ‘success’ looks like.

Drawing on data from a four-year study of Australian designer makers, this presentation problematises the growth and enterprise discourses at the heart of governmental desires for the creative economy. It examines how old understandings of artistic value and ‘doing what you love’ mingle with ethical consumption values, climate crisis awareness, non-urban creative practice, the gendered exclusions of the creative workforce, and human desires for ‘good work’. It presents a more complex, socially embedded and potentially culturally transformative picture of the contemporary creative economy – one where the 'more-than-capitalism' values of the arts and cultural industries persist.

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  • Professor Susan Luckman
    Professor Susan Luckman , Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries