30th Anniversary of the National Policy on Languages


30th Anniversary of the National Policy on Languages

Room 230
Kwong Lee Dow Building
234 Queensberry Street


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The National Policy on Languages (NPL), written by Joseph Lo Bianco and passed by parliament in 1987, was the first comprehensive national language policy in an English speaking country. It was adopted by the Australian government as an inclusive national plan to cover Australia's language needs and interests including: English and English literacy, deafness and sign language, indigenous languages rights, community and Asian languages, cross-cultural and intercultural training in professions, extensions to translating and interpreting services, multilingual resources in public libraries, media, support for adult literacy and English as an Additional Language (EAL). The NPL resulted in significant investment at national and state level and the development of new policies on language and literacy.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the NPL, this seminar will focus on its significance in language planning and ways of moving forward.


  • Mr Adolfo Gentile
    Mr Adolfo Gentile, Monash University
  • Ms Maree  Dellora
    Ms Maree Dellora, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
  • Dr Janine Oldfield
    Dr Janine Oldfield, Bachelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Alice Springs
  • Professor Gillian Wigglesworth
    Professor Gillian Wigglesworth, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Tim McNamara
    Professor Tim McNamara, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Lesley Farrell
    Professor Lesley Farrell, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor John Hajek
    Professor John Hajek, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Jo Lo Bianco
    Professor Jo Lo Bianco, The University of Melbourne