Career Spotlight: Stephanie Wynne, Employer Brand Specialist Asia Pacific South, Carlton and United Breweries

“Anybody can learn the practical skills of media. But the people who change the conversation are those who bring a new perspective.”

So says Stephanie Wynne, who works as the Employer Brand Specialist for Asia Pacific South at Carlton and United Breweries.

A graduate of the Master of Global Media and Communication, she says that the course’s blend of theory and practice helped her stand out to potential employers.

As a student she realised just how much digital technology is influencing our culture.

Stephanie Wynne

“In everyday life we don’t really reflect on it,” she says. “But there has been some truly significant change in the past twenty years. A complete transformation in how and what people communicate.”

The degree also gave her insights into the fascinating, and complex, global media environment.

“It was a very diverse cohort,” she says, “and I was exposed to all sorts of things that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought about. In Australia we don’t really consider how foreign media is regulated, for example, but that’s something that’s important to know in a role like mine.”

In Wynne’s job she thinks about Carlton & United Breweries brand from the perspective of potential employees. “It involves social media, enhancing our digital presence, visiting university campuses and owning our employee value proposition,” she explains.

It’s a diverse role that involves everything from strategic to creative work.

Stephanie Wynne

“The thought processes behind what I do are the key things that I learned in the degree,” Wynne says. “How do you solve a problem effectively? How do you get your point across clearly? Should you consider alternative perspectives?

It’s made me much more open-minded about the ways that you can solve problems and plan campaigns.”

As for the future, Wynne says that she’s passionate about solving a major problem that many industries face.

“There’s a major gender gap emerging across the entire digital industry. I’m interested in playing a role in resolving that.”

Learn more about the Master of Global Media and Communication program.

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