reCollections is an online resource all about caring for collection materials.

Supporting distributed cultural collections by connecting conservators and custodians

reCollections: Caring for Distributed Collections, has been written by practicing conservators and is intended to provide a sound guide for the preventive care of cultural items. A wide range of materials are covered, as well as the common causes of deterioration and appropriate storage, handling and display techniques.

reCollections provides practical advice and guidance designed to help the reader care for their heritage. reCollections explains how to apply preventive conservation techniques to cultural objects and collections. Preventive conservation optimises the environmental conditions in which objects and collections are housed. Controlling light and ultraviolet radiation, humidity and temperature, biological pests, and dust and pollutants helps to prevent damage and decay to cultural material. Preventive conservation also means ensuring that good handling, transportation, storage and display techniques are used at all times. Applying preventive methods to the care of cultural artefacts and collections can prolong and protect their life for current and future generations of Australians.


reCollections supplies detailed information concerning the care of some of the most common cultural materials. These range from the paper and other materials on which so much of Australia’s cultural history may be seen, to special considerations in caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural artefacts. In addition, modern practices concerning the management of collections and of the people who look after those collections are outlined.

With the support of the Department of Communications and the Arts, Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) and the Helen McPherson Smith Trust, the Grimwade Centre has updated and republished the reCollections guide to the care and management of cultural collections principally for non-conservators working with cultural collections.

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