Welcome to the Cultural Conservation Channel.


The Cultural Conservation Channel provides accessible, informative, and practical information about the conservation of cultural material to communities and individuals with an interest preserving their history and culture. It showcases the work of students and staff at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation as well as the work of museum professionals, volunteers and custodians of privately-owned heritage with whom the Centre is engaged. The centre gratefully acknowledges the support of the Helen MacPherson-Smith Trust, which made the creation of the channel possible.

This website also provides a portal to the reCollections website, which updates the 1998-2000 handbook series reCollections: caring for collections across Australia. reCollections has been made possible by the kind permission of the copyright holder, the Department of Communications and the Arts, and has been a partnership program in collaboration with the national professional body for conservators, the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM), and its members.