Dr Nicole Tse is interested in cultural materials conservation in tropical climates. Protocols for the conservation of our cultural record are largely derived from research undertaken in the Northern Hemisphere. Her research aims to develop regionally relevant conservation solutions based on the unique materials and techniques identified in works of art in Southeast Asia and their deterioration mechanisms according to tropical climatic conditions.

Nicole undertook an Australian Research Council Postdoctorate Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation investigating The Twentieth Century in Paint. This major research initiative combines the expertise of conservation, art history, materials science, chemistry, curatorial studies and heritage management and involves ten collaborating institutions across six countries and nine researchers. On the project Nicole investigated research questions raised as part of her doctoral thesis on The Characterisation of Oil Paintings in Tropical Southeast Asia.

As part of her long commitment to conservation in Southeast Asia, Nicole has delivered a number of training workshops, research projects and diplomatic assignments in seven Southeast Asian countries. She is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Twentieth Century Conservation Art Network (APTCCARN).

Research Grants

  • 2007 Round 2: ARC Linkage Grant LP0883309 The Twentieth Century in Paint Investigators: A/Prof Robyn Sloggett, Ms Nicole Tse, Prof Carl Schiesser, Dr Stephen Best, Prof John Drennan, Prof Jane Hunter, Dr Thomas Learner, Mr Andrew Durham, Ms Zanita Anuar, $560,585 over three years.
  • 2006: Ian Potter Travel Grant, Ian Potter Foundation ($4000)
  • Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Award, Department of Education, Science and Training, ($20 000). See UniNews media release 21 April 2005
  • 2004: Post Graduate Overseas Research Experience Scholarship (PORES), The University of Melbourne ($5000)
  • 2003: Arts Victoria: International Export and Touring Program ($5,000)


Conference Proceedings (*Refereed)

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Journal Articles (*Refereed Journals)

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Book Sections

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Conference Papers

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Press Articles

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Catalogue Essays

  • Tse, N 2002, 'Ramsay's Untitled (Study of a Boy): A technical viewpoint' In detail: Hugh Ramsay Untitled (Study of a Boy), Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne.




  • 2009 -: Paula Dredge: 'Sidney Nolan and house-paint (1941-1953)'with Assoc. Prof. Robyn Sloggett
    2009- : Melina Glasson 'PVAc and oxidative stress deterioration in the context of Papunya Tula Paintings', with Prof. Carl Schiesser, Dr Stephen Best, Assoc. Prof. Robyn Sloggett
  • 2010- : Sarah Slade 'The Cost of Exhibiting: Developing an instrument to objectively assess and manage the level of risk to collection material on exhibition and the resources required to control that level of risk', with Assoc. Prof. Robyn Sloggett

Master of Art Minor Thesis

  • 2010: Louise Allen 'Metallic Paint'
    2010: Claire Heasman 'Identifying painting materials and techniques employed by Malay-Chinese Artist Yong Mun Sen'
    2010: Albertine Hamilton 'The Art of Spontaneous Pleasure: A framework for pop-up book collections within Australia'