Dr Petronella Nel has received from the University of Melbourne:  a BSc (Honours), PhD (Chemistry), and MA (Cultural Materials Conservation).

Dr Petronella Nel is a lecturer and researcher at the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation. She is involved with the teaching and research programs at the Centre. Her research interests include the non-invasive analysis of artefacts, and the development of scientific techniques to conservation problems. More specifically her current research involves:  the analysis and assessment of adhesives used to repair archaeological pottery; conserving polymer based materials (like plastics and film) in museum collections; the elemental and mineralogical characterisation of ochre-earth pigments using PIXE, XRF, XRD and NAA; and the development of the Chemistry Collection at the University of Melbourne.

Professional Memberships

MRACI (Royal Australian Chemical Institute)

AICCM (Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material)

ICOM-CC (International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation)


  • 2016:  ARC-LP160100160 “A national framework for managing malignant plastics in museum collections”.  Investigators:  Dr Petronella Nel (UoM, GCCMC), Prof Robyn Sloggett (UoM, GCCMC), Prof Kenneth Ghiggino (UoM, Chemistry), A/Prof Barbara Stuart (UTS), A/Prof Rachel Popelka-Filcoff (Flinders), Dr Andrew Jamieson (UoM, C&A), Helen Privett (MV), Sue Gatenby (MAAS-PM), Catherine ter Bogt (QM), Dr Keryn Walshe (SAM), Dr Malgorata Sawicki (AGNSW).
  • 2014:  AINSE Research Award (ALNGRA14512),  “Indigenous art fraud:  comparative characterization of ochres from the Kimberley region and other sources by Neutron Activation Analysis”.  Investigators:   Dr Petronella Nel (UoM, GCCMC), Dr Rachel Popelka-Filcoff (Flinders), A/Prof Claire Lenehan (Flinders), A/Prof Robyn Sloggett (UoM, GCCMC), Deborah Lau (CSIRO).  
  • 2014:  McCoy Project Seed Fund “Self-destructive cultural heritage:  management of cellulose nitrate materials in museum collections”.  Investigators:  Dr Petronella Nel (UoM, GCCMC), Maryanne McCubbin (MV), Helen Privett (MV), Dr Andrew Jamieson (UoM, C&A), Dr Alex Duan (UoM, Chemistry), Dr Augustine Doronila (UoM, Chemistry), Dr Rosemary Goodall (MV), A/Prof Alison Inglis (UoM, Art History), Deborah Lau (CSIRO).
  • 2008: ARC-DP0879758 "Archaeological conservation: the development of analysis and assessment protocols for adhesives used on archaeological pottery". Investigators: A/Prof Robyn Sloggett (CCMC), Prof Antonio Sagona (Classics & Archaeology) and Deborah Lau (CSIRO). Research Associate: Dr Petronella Nel (CCMC).
  • 2008: University of Melbourne - CSIRO Collaborative Research Program. "Compositional study of ochre-earth pigments based on micro-PIXE and micro-XRF - micro-XRD techniques by application of multi-pixel array detector technology". Investigators: Dr Petronella Nel (CCMC) and Dr Peter Lynch (CSIRO).
  • 2007: Melbourne Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme (ECR). "Detection of contaminants in conservation adhesives: a quality control issue". Investigator: Dr Petronella Nel (CCMC).
  • 2006: CSIRO-CMIT Research Project. "The identification of an additive in old tubes of a conservation grade adhesive". Investigators: Dr Petronella Nel (CCMC) and Deborah Lau (CSIRO).
  • 2005: CSIRO-CMIT Research Project. "Pigment matrix effects when analyzing painted artifacts using micro X-ray Diffraction". Investigators: Dr Petronella Nel (CCMC) and Deborah Lau (CSIRO).


Scholarly book chapters (*refereed)

  • *Lau, D., Ramanaidou, E., Nel, P., Kappen, P., & Villis, C., 2013.  ‘Artworks and cultural heritage materials:  using multivariate analysis to answer conservation questions’ in K. Rajan (ed), Informatics for materials science and engineering:  data-driven discovery for accelerated experimentation and application, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, pp. 467-494.  ISBN:  978-0-12-394399-6

Journal Articles (*refereed journals)

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Conference proceedings (*refereed publications)

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  • Nel, P., 2008. "Significance Assessment of the Chemistry Cultural Collection", September 2008.


CUMC40006 Analytical Chemistry Techniques in Conservation

CUMC40007 Technical Examination and Documentation

CUMC40008 Conservation Materials Chemistry

Chemistry Bridging Course


Petronella supervises postgraduates, most notably when scientific analysis is involved with the conservation research project.


  • Leila Alhagh, 2015-present, Artistic and literary aspects of ‘Sad kalamih Shah Vilayat (One hundred sayings by Ali):  an analytical study of MUL17 (a manuscript from the Melbourne University Islamic manuscript collection)
  • Yue Qiu, 2015-present, Development of new non-destructive diagnostic method based on fine structural chemical shift for the characterisation and identification of cultural materials by ED-XRF
  • Claire Tindal, 2014-present, Replicating the past:  a digital approach to loss compensation in cultural material conservation
  • Sadra Zekrgoo, 2014-present, Identification of 16th-18th Century Persian Inks:  Analytical study of the manuscripts from the University of Melbourne’s Middle Eastern Collection
  • Emily Noake, 2014-present, Deteriorating cultural heritage:  placing a framework around malignant cellulose nitrate in museum collections
  • Elizabeth Hinde 2007-2009, A spectroscopic and chromatographic study of the photochemical properties of a daylight fluorescent palette