Torrumbarry Hall & Committee - Honour Roll

Torrumbarry Honor Roll by F. K. Cox & Co.


These pictures show the before and after treatment images of a local community Honour Roll, made by  F. K. Cox & Co.

The Honour Roll is hand-carved, with gold lettering.


The Honor Roll had been splashed with off white oil paint. The paint was irregular in thickness, obliterating all names. Areas of the board that were not covered by the white oil paint were in poor condition, with loss to the original varnish coating, abrasions and old insect damage apparent.


The Honor Roll was dry surface cleaned to remove all superficial grime. Removal of the white paint was undertaken using a dibasic ester gel in water. This enabled removal of the white paint without affecting the underlying gold lettering. Further reduction of the ooil paint layer was undertaken by mechanical action.

Removal of the old varnish layer was undertaken with organic solvents. Revarnishing and selective retouching in areas of loss were undertaken.

Treatment stages

Figure 1

Before treatment - white paint applied across Honour Roll.

Figure 2

During treatment - detail of paint removal, revealing underlying gold lettering.

Figure 3

During treatment - detail of lettering and wood finish, after removal of oil paint, prior to aesthetic treatment of varnishing and retouching.

Figure 4

After treatment - completion of treatment, with removal of oil paint and aesthetic treatment of wooden surface and lettering.