Mounting system for bark paintings

Custom-made supports for bark paintings


In an environment that is not controlled, bark paintings are subject to curling, cracking, splitting and warping. These changes in the bark can happen over a short or long period of time.

Damage to a bark painting can be exacerbated if it is constrained or mounted incorrectly.

Grimwade Conservation Services employ a method developed by the conservation profession to fully support the bark. The system is not secured to the bark, and therefore is reversible, while allowing the bark to move naturally in response to the environment.

A padded, riveted aluminium framework is custom-made to conform to the contours of a bark painting. The bark is held in place by clear acrylic brackets placed at the base of the frame, the side edges and top.

Treatment stages

Figure 1

Painted side of bark, prior to attachment of mounting system.

Figure 2

Custom-made, light-weight mounting system.

Figure 3

Reverse of bark, with mounting system attached.

Figure 4

Detail of the mounting system.