Pen and ink drawing on paper by Mirka Mora

20th Century Artwork, Heide Museum of Modern Art Collection.


These pictures show the before and after treatment images of a pen and ink drawing by well-known Australian artist Mirka Mora. The drawing had several disfiguring yellow stains. The paper also had overall discolouration from natural ageing and various dirt marks and accretions. The ink itself was in a good stable condition.


The surface of the paper was cleaned. Then, due to the severity of the stains, the work was given a series of washes. The washing removed a good deal of yellow matter, however further stain reduction treatment was required to reduce the stains to a point where they didn't dominate. Final treatment steps involved humidifying and pressing the drawing, then rehousing it in a 100% cotton rag mountboard.

Mirka Mora Untitled (Head) 1957
Pen and ink on paper 57.5 x 44.5 cm
Heide Museum of Modern Art
Bequest of John and Sunday Reed 1982
Permission to reproduce images from William Mora Galleries

Before treatment

Discolouration from stain evident, with heavy staining along the upper edge.

After treatment

Reduction of staining after washing and treatment.