Conservation treatment and advice

Grimwade Conservation Services have provided a range of commercial programs for over 25 years.


Programs include conservation treatments of all types of materials; such as paintings, works on paper, photographs, books, frames, textiles, other organic (leather, wood, plant fibres etc.) and inorganic (ceramics, metals, glass etc.) objects, archaeological materials and architectural projects.


Available conservation services include:

  • free quoting service
  • on-site visits
  • condition reporting, sampling, scientific analysis, 3D photogrammetry and RTI documentation
  • insurance and quarantine reports (quarantine accredited (classes 2 to 8))
  • consultation and reports for exhibition, travel, loan and purchase
  • removal of discoloured varnishes, coatings and old restorations
  • surface cleaning to remove dirt, mould, insect accretions and stains
  • consolidating loose and flaking paint
  • tear/hole repairs
  • stain reduction and tape removal on works on paper
  • flattening of distorted canvas, board and paper supports
  • removing old linings and re-lining canvas paintings
  • removal of non-archival backings and mounts from paper items
  • re-joining broken panel paintings
  • rejoining damaged objects (ie ceramics/glass/wooden objects)
  • stretching of canvases
  • infilling and in-painting losses
  • varnishing paintings
  • gilding of frames
  • frame repair
  • re-housing/re-framing/remounting artworks to conservation standards
  • mounting bark paintings
  • custom-made boxes