Conservation treatment and advice

Our specialist team at Grimwade Conservation Services can deliver conservation treatments to all types of materials.

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Our team of over 20 specialist conservators deliver museum-quality conservation solutions to all types of materials. Our available conservation services are broad and include:

  • on-site visits
  • disaster response, recovery and remediation (ie. flood, fire or accidental)
  • condition reporting, 3D photogrammetry, and RTI documentation
  • sampling and scientific analysis
  • insurance and quarantine reports (quarantine accredited classes 2 to 8)
  • consultation and reports for exhibition, travel, loan, and purchase

To find out more information about our specialist treatment labs and services available, follow the links below:


Conservation competency

Paper, photography, books and parchment

Artworks on paper, maps, documents, archival collections, wallpaper, vellum and parchment, books, photographs and film.

Paintings and frames

Oils and acrylics on canvas and panels, bark paintings, wall paintings and murals, frames and supports.

Objects, textiles and archaeology

Organic materials such as leather, wood, plant fibres, textiles, and inorganic materials such as ceramics, plastics, metals, glass, stone. Archaeological materials, outdoor sculpture, monuments, mixed media objects, furniture, natural history, human remains, anthropological specimens.

Collection services

Collection surveys, policy and advocacy, significance assessments, conservation needs assessments, preventative conservation plans, risk assessments, maintenance reports, documentation, and digitisation. Object rehousing, condition reporting, custom box making, and storage solutions.


Photography, documentation, object handling and preparation, conservation workflow management, policy and metadata design planning.


Standard lab techniques, non-invasive examination, advanced instrumentation.


Graduate teaching, student internships and Work Integrated Learning opportunities, community and professional workshops, professional training, master classes, local and international research and knowledge sharing Fellowships.


Scientific analysis, provenance and artist research.

Disaster recovery

Disaster planning and prevention surveys and training, disaster assessment, site recovery, insurance quoting and reporting, remediation.

Built Heritage

Materials analysis of paint, wallpaper, stone, surfaces and inorganic material, and conserving materials of all types.  Environmental analysis,  3D  photogrammetry.

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