Frames and gilded surfaces conservation

Frame preparation lab
Frame moulding preparation

Frames have a unique place in conservation - on the one hand they are often an extension of the picture; and on the other hand, an object in their own right. At Grimwade Conservation Services we treat all types of frames and gilded objects. Treatments vary from total re-gilding to the removal of old restoration work to reveal the object as it originally was.

Ramsay frame moulding2
Replacement of frame loss

Available frame conservation services include:

  • surface cleaning to remove dirt, nicotine, fly spots and stains
  • consolidating of loose and flaking surface and ornaments
  • mould making for creation and replacement of missing ornaments
  • surface preparation for in-painting, in-gilding and complete re-gilding if required
  • patination of frame surface to match original finishes

You can watch a demonstration of water gilding on our Water gilding demonstration video.

Rehousing of a painting

Conservation rehousing

We specialise in the mounting and housing of paintings and works on paper.

Our services include:

  • mount cutting
  • decorative windows and mounts
  • glazing of works with conservation grade glass or acrylic sheet, including spacers
  • padded rebates, profile build ups, protective backboards and two point hanging systems

All rehousing is to international conservation standard using current best practice.

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