Objects and textiles conservation

Puppet Painting
Inpainting loss

Objects conservation includes a diverse range of three-dimensional objects. These can include works of art such as sculptures made from wood, metal and plaster, ceramics and glass, archaeological artefacts, ethnographic material, contemporary mixed media pieces incorporating synthetic materials such as plastics, sporting memorabilia, keepsakes, collectables and social history items.

Services provided by our conservators may include examination and documentation, simple preservation techniques for safe storage and long-term preservation to more complex conservation treatments required to arrest active deterioration.

Puppet repair
Adhesion and consolidation of breaks

The conservation treatments undertaken by the objects conservators vary depending on the needs of the object and the specific requirements of the client. These treatments include; but are not limited to:

  • condition reporting and documentation, sampling and scientific analysis 3D photogrammetry and documentation
  • aqueous and non-aqueous surface cleaning and stain removal
  • stabilisation of surfaces
  • adhesion and consolidation of breaks and damages surfaces
  • reshaping of organic objects (relaxing and humidification)
  • infill losses or replacement of missing pieces
  • creating appropriate archival quality mounts and inserts for storage
Bendigo honour boards
Honour Board restoration

Our team also have experience managing larger projects such as outdoor sculpture surveys with preservation/treatment advice, murals and public monuments. Our staff are Quarantine Accredited Persons, and can identify quarantine risks and how processing and treatments may reduce these risks. Staff hold certificates in: working at heights; general construction (white ticket) and elevated work platform operation.

Conservation treatments undertaken may include:

  • cleaning and stain removal
  • surface consolidation
  • surface protection
  • re-gilding or re-painting
  • site preparation and on-going preservation maintenance management.
Puppet washing
Textile stain removal

Textiles conservation includes a wide range of textile-based objects including costumes, uniforms, flags, banners, embroideries and samplers, wall hangings and tapestries. Our textile conservation services include:

  • condition reporting and documentation
  • cleaning and stain reduction
  • stabilisation and repairs of tears
  • flattening of creases and distortions
  • lining weak or damaged areas
  • design of custom mounting supports and storage solutions.

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