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Pictures, prints and documents

Portrait of Jude FraserPortrait of Sophie LewincampPortrait of Peter Mitchelson
Jude Fraser Sophie LewincampPeter Mitchelson
Portrait of Libby MelzerPortrait of Briony PembertonPortrait of Noni Zachri
Libby Melzer Briony PembertonNoni Zachri
Portrait of Cushla HillCaroline FryPortrait of Vanessa Kowalski
Cushla HillCaroline FryVanessa Kowalski

Artefacts, textiles and uniforms

Portrait of Holly Jones-AminPortrait of Carmela LonettiPortrait of Marion Parker
Holly Jones-Amin Carmela Lonetti Marion Parker
Marica MucicPortrait of Marcelle ScottEvan Tindal
Marica Mucic Marcelle Scott Evan Tindal

War heritage

Portrait of David Gardner with a vintage aeroplane
David Gardner