War Heritage Roadshow stories

Victorian communities keep alive wartime stories through their mementoes and keepsakes. As the War Heritage Roadshow travels across the state we will attempt to tell some of these important stories.

If you would like to share your story, please email us at warheritageroadshow@gmail.com

Jackie Milliken with her late husband Ewen's
Jackie Milliken with her late husband Ewen’s “escape and evasion” map, preserved by the University of Melbourne’s Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation. Picture: Paul Burston/University of Melbourne

Australian fighter pilot Ewen Milliken wore a silk-like rayon scarf around his neck every time he went up in his RAF Typhoon, harrying German forces a they retreated first from Belgium and then into Germany itself during the closing stages of Second World War.

To read more about this story, visit the recent Pursuit article, Lest we forget: Storing precious memories.

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'Sister Susie Shirt' wash bag
‘Sister Susie Shirt’ wash bag

Dr Sue Olney, a University of Melbourne staff member, brought in a ‘Sister Susie Shirt’ wash bag, made at school by her grandmother, Joyce Cairns when she was only ten years old.

The ‘Sister Susie Shirts’ were given to First World War diggers to store their socks and soap, with the sleeves and bottoms of the shirt sewn up to make a wash bag.