Launch of Con/servare: a space for collaborative research

The Con/servare network for researchers in conservation, material culture and attribution studies was launched on 30 June 2018 at the Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences, TH Köln, Germany. Three PhD candidates from the Grimwade Centre - Julianne Bell, Ainslee Meredith and Eliza O'Donnell - planned and facilitated the launch of the network as a half-day forum: A space for collaborative research, following the New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art (NACCA) 2018 Symposium.

The Con/servare forum explored the various roles, actions, challenges and obstacles that researchers navigate. Themed discussions investigated the topics of location, relationships, and practice as they arise in research, and how collaboration relates to and is impacted by these concepts. We aimed to create a network for researchers in the fields of conservation, material culture and attribution studies and to develop a scholarly platform for research exchange and collaboration.

A Melbourne-based launch of Con/servare will take place in February 2019, introducing the network to Australian conservators and researchers, with a subsequent forum planned to coincide with the 2019 AICCM National Conference.

Con/servare would like to acknowledge Dr Nicole Tse, Professor Robyn Sloggett, Dr Christa Roodt, Dr Donna Yates and Professor Dr Gunnar Heydenreich for supporting the forum. The launch of the network was funded by a Universitas 21 Graduate Collaborative Research Award (2017-2018) and a University of Melbourne Graduate Research Conference Assistance Scheme (2018).

Con/servare founding members

Julianne Bell, Ainslee Meredith, Eliza O’Donnell (PhD students, University of Melbourne), Marta Garcia Celma, Tomas Markevicius (PhD students, Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences), Dušan Barok, Claudia Roeck, Aga Wielocha (PhD students, University of Amsterdam), Brian Castriota (PhD student, University of Glasgow), Joanna Kiliszek (PhD student, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw), Sophie Lei (PhD student, Roma III University/Maastricht University), Artemis Rustau (PhD student, Maastricht University).

Other members not in attendance

Zoe Miller, Caitlin Spangler-Bickell (PhD students, Maastricht University), Philip Van Lochem, Chao-Shiang Patrick Li (PhD students, University of Birmingham), Panda de Haan (PhD student, University of Porto).