Warmun Art Centre and Grimwade Centre two-way learning partnership

The Grimwade Centre's two-way learning relationship with Warmun Art Centre has been profiled in a Pursuit article and the Made Possible by Melbourne marketing campaign.

Portrait of Grimwade Centre Research Assistant Hannah Stewart with Warmun Art Centre worker Gordon Barney

For close to a decade, staff and students at the Grimwade Centre and Gija Elders and artists and staff at the Warmun Art Centre, in Western Australia’s Kimberley Region, have been working together to increase knowledge across their two communities.

Each year Gija Board members, Elders and staff from the Warmun Art Centre visit Melbourne and work with Grimwade Centre staff and students, conducting teaching programs and, in turn, learning about conservation from a lab-based university perspective.

In turn, Grimwade Centre staff and students visit Warmun where they are taught by Gija Elders Centre about the importance of cultural context and understand the significance of learning Gija knowledge on the country where this knowledge is embedded. ... read more ...