Climate, environment and sustainability

Focused on sustainable practice, the Grimwade Centre brings together cross sectoral teams to progress solutions for environmental and climate change threats to cultural heritage

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How does cultural materials conservation promote positive change for the future?

We meaningfully support the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals:
Students are the future stewards to
‘Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard  the world’s cultural and natural heritage’ United Nations SDG 11.4
It is up to us to ‘Make cities and human  settlements inclusive, safe,  resilient and sustainable’ United Nations SDG 11

This is a core attribute of heritage conservation.
We examine the cultural, social, environmental and economic value of what we do.

Research leads

Dr Jonathan Kemp
Dr Robert Lazarus
Prof Robyn Sloggett
Dr Nicole

Doctoral studies


Claire Grech, 'Influence of climate on modern artists' paints: An investigation of paint behaviour in tropical Southeast Asia'

Seka Seneviratne, ‘Biodeterioration effects on paint surfaces in tropical Southeast Asia’

Research activities

Climatic and Environmental Threats to Cultural Heritage

The museum environment across Australia and Southeast Asia

‘Cultural Materials Conservation: Sustainability in Practice’, Learning and Teaching Initiatives Grant, University of Melbourne

‘Natural disasters & cultural heritage in the Philippines: recovery & reconstruction (AAC157)’, DFAT Australia ASEAN Council

Research translation

Research translation through Grimwade Conservation Services

Public Programs


Sustainability and Conservation at the Grimwade Centre

Research classifications


Field of Research (FoR)

43020 3 Cultural heritage management

Socio-Economic Objectives (SEO)

190103 Social impacts of climate change and variability
130402 Conserving collections and movable cultural heritage